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Aesthetic Analysis with VISIA®

VISIA Analysis
Best For:

Assessing skin characteristics

Developing skin treatment programs

Tracking skin improvements and progress

Procedure Time:

10 – 15 min



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Healthy skin begins with a thorough understanding of individual skin characteristics and conditions. The VISIA® skin analysis system used by The Dermatology Group makes it possible to create a customized skin care program in New Jersey specifically designed for each person's unique complexion profile.

If you would like to speak with one of our board-certified dermatologists, call (973) 571-2121 to find out more. The Dermatology Group offers extended hours for convenient scheduling.

Understanding Your Treatment

The VISIA analysis system provides our physicians in New Jersey with important skin care information using digital photographic technology. VISIA scans and records detailed conditions of the skin's surface and subsurface, including skin tone, presence of wrinkles, pigmentation changes, sun damage, and bacterial growth. These unique factors will serve as a guide to help develop a skin care plan tailored to your needs – resulting in more effective treatment programs.

What happens during treatment?

An aesthetic analysis with VISIA is usually performed during a consultation and is a quick, painless procedure. After cleansing the skin, you will be asked to sit in front of the VISIA image booth while a computerized representation of your skin is generated. VISIA can show current skin problems as well as future concerns, such as emerging sun spots or wrinkles. A physician will then share your results with you and recommend a personalized treatment plan.

What are the side effects?

There are no side effects or discomfort involved during the VISIA analysis.

How often should VISIA be performed?

VISIA can be performed once, as a diagnostic tool, or can be used to monitor the progress of your treatments.

What other skin treatments are available?

The Dermatology Group offers a variety of services for healthy skin, including medical-grade skin care products, acne treatments, and dermatology services.

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