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Our Centers in the Media

New Hope for People with Melasma
Dr. Marc Abbate explains new treatments for this disease.

Eyewitness News
Dr. Robert Nossa describes three breakthrough psoriasis treatments.

To Your Health
An interview with Dr. Robert Nossa.

Laser Tattoo Removal
Nightline segment featuring Dr. Nossa performing laser tattoo removal.


Screen out skin cancer by taking precautions during summer

Dr. Stephen Spates of the Dermatology Group comments on the increase in occurrence of skin cancer and offers his advice on how you can protect yourself from harmful sun exposure.

The Township Journal & The Sparta Independent

The Dermatology Group opens a new office.

The Record: Expansions and Openings

The Dermatology Group opens a new Riverdale, NJ office.


Lou Adler's Report on Medicine: Psoriasis

Radio interview featuring Dr. Daniel Groisser.

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