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Michael Hirsch

Vice President of Information Technology

Michael joined The Dermatology Group in 2016 as our Vice President of Information Technology. He brings over fifteen years of varied IT and Software Development experience to the Dermatology Group. Starting off as a software developer during the dot-com boom of the early 2000s, Michael eventually became Vice President of Applications Development at a software and IT consulting company. His work there included developing applications for the City of New York and for large healthcare and workforce not-for-profits around the Tri-State area. He then entered the private sector, becoming the Director of Information Technology at a healthcare billing and revenue cycle company. There, Michael helped managed all of their IT and software infrastructure, while growing a team and setting up the company for acquisition by one of the top-rated health insurance firms in the country. Here at The Dermatology Group, Michael brings his breadth of knowledge and experience to bear in making our IT systems more scalable, reliable, and efficient.