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Be Comfortable in Your Skin

Medical Quality Products Available through Our Skin Center

As a dermatology practice, we want you to have the best skin care products in New Jersey. They must be non-irritating, effective, and work with the topical medicines that have been prescribed for you. That's why The Dermatology Group offers several lines of clinical-quality products you can use at home. These products, which are available only through physicians, meet our strict standards, and we know they can make a real difference in the health of your skin.

For our patients, we offer a free initial consultation to select the New Jersey skin care products that are best for you. Request your appointment online or call (973) 571-2121 to find out more. Our medical aestheticians consult with the physicians to select products that will work with your skin condition and prescription medications to help you reach your goals: clear skin, reduced brown spots and scars, less sun damage and other signs of aging, better texture and elasticity, and better moisture balance.

We feature products available only through caring health professionals, including:


The Dermatology Group's policy is to offer the highest quality products at reasonable prices. Our goal is to separate fantasy from reality; we only offer products that really work. Unlike a retail store, our goal is to ensure that your home-care products enhance your skin's health. And because we know that not every product works the same way for every person, we offer a money-back guarantee on everything we sell.

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